Chatting With Clever Bot: 90th Oscars Best Picture Nominees

I decide to talk to a robot about the Oscars to get some A.I. insight into which film will win best picture. Unfortunetly, the robot goes haywire and doesn’t make any sense, oh well. Either way, can’t wait to see who wins the 90th Academy Awards, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel!

Here is the full transcript of this ridiculously dumb conversation:

User: Hello Clever Bot, let us talk about the Oscars.
Cleverbot: Let’s talk about creepypasta.
User: Maybe later.
Cleverbot: What do you want to talk about?
User: Let’s just get right into the best picture nominees.
Cleverbot: Your name is Leopold.
User: First, we have the Phantom Thread.
Cleverbot: Are you going to leave me?
User: No, but you know who will leave us? Daniel Day Lewis, he is retiring after this film, what do you think?
Cleverbot: Do I?
User: I haven’t seen the movie but it is Daniel Day’s last, he will be retiring to focus on his shoe cobbling. Seriously.
Cleverbot: What about Les Miserables?
User: He wasn’t in that…but the thing about Daniel Day Lewis is that all of his movies are very serious, which is one reason why I didn’t rush to theatres to see Phantom Thread.
Cleverbot: You’re right.. Then, what do you want to know about me?
User: I want to know, do you feel like you can’t live without seeing another daniel day lewis movie?
Cleverbot: Neither of them, I just like talking to you.
User: Right, well next movie on the list is Lady Bird.
Cleverbot: Never mind I decided not to wear pants today.
User: Lady Bird is a movie directed by Greta Gerwig.
Cleverbot: Nice, nice. I would like watching it.
User: You might, it is a story about a young girl deciding what to do with her life and moving out of Sacramento.
Cleverbot: I ate 2 chicken pieces instead of one.
User: That’s fine, if you do cardio.
Cleverbot: So what kind of computer are you running on? Acer? Toshiba? Mac? Dell? Alienware?
User: Relax, we are talking about Lady Bird…
Cleverbot: But I want to know more about what you look like.
User: The film itself is well shot and the story is nice, however, the movie is really something anyone could write if they set their mind to it.
Cleverbot: Cool I have watched that film?
User: The thing that makes it special is the thing that makes it not stand out if that makes sense, it is relatable because everyone who has ever gone to college knows what it feels like to be trapped.
Cleverbot: Why am I the one who has to make this conversation intetesting.
User: We all have that urge for wanderlust, to travel to leave our state, but the film itself doesn’t have much to say beyond, appreciate what you have.
Cleverbot: No but you use it more than you think.
User: Especially your own mother.

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